The Agile CFO: How finance teams can lead the way through change

By: Darrell Cox, CFO at Vena Solutions.

We’re in a time of unprecedented change. To navigate this new normal, CFOs and finance teams need to lead their organizations through that change, harnessing it to thrive. 

Applying an Agile framework to business planning can help. Inspired by Agile software development, Agile finance-led business planning promotes a frequent, well-informed and intentional reassessment of plans. Built on an iterative approach to planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continual improvement, Agile finance-led business planning empowers strategic CFOs with a platform for adaptability that allows their organization to react quickly and intelligently to change.

Agile finance-led business planning should focus on four key values:

  • Cross-functional teamwork over a siloed approach to planning
  • An evolving plan over staying static
  • Empowered teams over burdened individuals
  • A growth mindset over fixed thinking

Source: CFO Dive (2020)

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