The Agile CFO: Innovative, Collaborative And Visionary

Darrell Cox, the CFO of Vena Solutions, who is working to change the perception of corporate finance from something that is routine and reactive to something that is actually exciting and proactive. Darrell is committed to empowering the next generation of financial leaders, not only within Vena, but across the finance and accounting community. To that end, he has developed a methodology he calls “The Agile CFO” which is loosely based on the Manifesto for Agile Software Development (Vena develops and markets financial planning and analysis software, so this was a logical framework from which to start).

Cox considers himself the chief storyteller of the company and has changed the perception of the finance and accounting team (not just the CFO) from a group that reports history to one that helps create it. Cox emphasizes the importance of having great command over numbers, not only in finance and accounting, but across the entire enterprise. In this way, CFOs can shape the strategic direction of the entire business.

An Agile CFO is characterized by the incessant quality to produce timely and impactful analysis to drive growth, highlights Cox. Growth in this case is not only the business, but the team. It derives from the principle of leading high-performance teams by empowering people and giving them ownership. Agile CFOs always have a significant voice on the strategic direction of the business for which they work. Finding and maximizing opportunities while mitigating risk gives an Agile CFO an edge over traditional CFOs, according to Cox. Bringing data and people together across the organization results in better decisions faster.

Source: Forbes

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